The milling industry

FP SPOMAX SA produces machines and devices for the milling industry that are necessary in a complex production process. In order to obtain the best quality products in the milling industry, the company introduces the latest design solutions in machines and devices installed in the most important parts of the mill, such as: cleaning plant, proper mill, aspiration and pneumatic transport. Main grinding machines - roller mills are manufactured in several types based on own rolls, cast and processed on the company's premises. Sifting and sorting machines - square sifters are made as multi-section machines in several types and sizes.

The company also produces modern weighing devices for automatic weighing and mass counting in the transfer of flour and granular materials; micro-dispensers dosing precise micronutrients into flour; magnetic traps for cleaning products from ferromagnetic contamination; Roots blowers used to transport bulk materials using air filtering devices and much more.

Feed industry

FP SPOMAX SA produces machines for the fodder industry that participate in the fodder production process. The most important machines are roller mills, which have drive motors in the mill housing.

Energy industry

For the energy industry, FP SPOMAX SA provides complete biomass processing lines based on the machines produced: dry stone separators removing stones and metal elements; double roller mill crushing biomass; electronic scales for weighing biomass; chain conveyors for mechanical transport; Roots type blowers for pneumatic transport of ground biomass and other auxiliary devices.

Environmental Protection

FP SPOMAX S.A. is the only company in Poland to produce Roots blowers, which are successfully used in sewage treatment plants. There, the blowers air the sludge tanks, where the process of biological decomposition of organic compounds takes place. Another important application of Roots' blowers in environmental protection is the transport of biogas from landfills to devices generating electricity from biogas.