Aspiration and pneumatic transport


LIBRA scale

The LIBRA scale is designed for automatic weighting and summing up the mass in pouring of loose, farinaceous and granular materials. It can also serve as a flow regulator, dosing the product with a given capacity.

Wychwytywacz magnetyczny WM3

Magnetic separators type WM3

Wychwytywacz magnetyczny WM3 jest to urządzenie przeznaczone do oczyszczania ziarna zbóż z zanieczyszczeń o własnościach ferromagnetycznych w młynach i kaszarniach.


Airlocks SLU

Airlocks SLU are designed to discharge the products and dust particles from the devices separating the product from the air in aspiration (dedusting) installations and pneumatic transport installations.


Blow-through rotary valves ZLU

Blow-through rotary valves ZLU are designed to feed loose products to pneumatic conveying systems with the maximum positive pressure up to 1 Bar.

Pneumocyklon PPC

Pneumocyclone PPC

Pneumocyclone PPC is used in pneumatic conveying systems and is designed to separate the product from the air. It operates on the basis of the centrifugal force.


Reverse Jet Filters FRW

Reverse Jet Filters FRW are designed for cleaning the air from impurities and dust particles in aspiration installations of the machines, devices and in pneumatic conveying systems.

Wychwytywacz magnetyczny WM4

Magnetic separators type WM4

Magnetic separators type WM4 are modern devices used for removing ferromagnetic impurities from loose products. They are extremely effective due to the use of neodymium magnets (rare-earth magnets).