FP SPOMAX S.A. as the only company in Poland, deals with the comprehensive construction of mills.

FP SPOMAX S.A. manufactures machines, designs complete mills, assembly and commissioning of the facility. The company has been building mills for over 20 years. Projects are carried out all over the world, from Europe, South and North America to the Far East. Each of the projects is individual in terms of the investor's requirements. Depending on the needs of a given Investor and the geographical zone, we build mills of various capacities from 50 to 2000 tons / 24 h. Each mill project includes the following departments: grain receipt, cleaning plant, proper mill, packaging department and product distribution. Due to the production of machinery and equipment for the milling industry, FP SPOMAX S.A. is able to equip each of the mill departments with machines produced on the company's premises. In recent years, the company has made several mill investments in the South and Central American market. Mills were built in Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Panama. On the European market, these are mainly mills in Poland from 80 to 2000 tons / 24h and in the following countries: Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania.

The mill construction process begins in the company with arrangements with the investor and the preparation of a preliminary design. Further works include the execution of a technological design, machine construction at FP SPOMAX S.A., delivery and assembly on site. The entire process is completed with the visualization of the facility (control, computers, SCADA program) and commissioning of the facility and its commissioning to the Investor. The SCADA program allows full visualization of the grinding process. The system supervises the operation of the mill automatically through a system of sensors and security, thus reducing the number of employees in the mill to a minimum.

Engineers at FP SPOMAX S.A. are highly qualified employees in the field of commissioning mills, grinding grain and obtaining flour in accordance with technological parameters and assumptions of the project. FP SPOMAX S.A. by undertaking the task with a new mill, it is a fully prepared plant for the entire process (design, machine production, assembly, commissioning).