Rollers for the food and chemical industry

FP SPOMAX SA is one of the largest European suppliers of centrifugally cast rolls used in the grain and milling, food, oil and chemical industries.

For many years, the company has had a cast iron foundry on its premises, deals with the casting of rolls, sleeves, bodies, covers, cylinders, pivots, details on request and centrifugal casting of rolls. Manufactured rollers are used for grinding, grinding and crushing products of plant and mineral origin. The company offers over 1000 different rollers. The chemical composition of the rolls is strictly controlled during the casting process, and each casting has an individual number.

The centrifugal casting technology gives full control over the course of the casting process, ensuring a homogeneous structure of the hardened layer. As a result, FP SPOMAX SA offers a high-quality product that can be used for many years without losing the required operating parameters. Rollers are most often used in our mills, but also sold for devices from other manufacturers. FP SPOMAX SA produces grooved, self-roughening and smooth rollers. The rollers have a white layer thickness of 15-20 mm; diameter 150-600 mm; hardness: self-abrasive 380-430 HB, smooth and grooved 500-580 HB. FP SPOMAX SA also deals with roll regeneration (roll evaluation, roll grooving, journal replacement, grinding, sandblasting).