Cleaning section

Separator sitowo-wibracyjny SSW

Vibrating Sieve Separator - SSW

Vibrating Sieve Separator - SSW is designed for cleaning the grain from impurities larger and smaller than the grain and impurities lighter than the grain after the application of an additional pneumatic channel.

Suchy oddzielacz kamieni SOK

Dry Destoner SOK

Dry Destoner SOK is a double-deck device which main aim is to separate stones from the grain stream (on the lower sieve). The upper sieve can also be used to separate lighter grain that cannot be milled or to sort the grain to the light and heavy fractions.

Maszyna szorująca

Scouring machine

Scouring machine serves to clean the surface of the grain from dust and sand particles, husks, as well as to remove organic impurities.

Elektroniczny stabilizator strumienia ziarna SSZ-e

The electronic Grain Flow Balancer

The electronic Grain Flow Balancer is designed for gravimetric stabilization of grain flow in grain treatment lines before milling.