top FP SPOMAX S.A. is one of the biggest European manufacturers and suppliers of cast iron Rolls for the food processing industry. Rolls manufactured by SPOMAX are used for grinding, flaking and cracking products of vegetable and mineral origin.
SPOMAX supplies smooth, corrugated and self-matting rolls – the latter are used mainly in flour mills.

Standard parameters of external (working) layer:
- thickness: 15-20 mm
- hardness: 500-540 HB, max 580 HB




Roll casting

FP SPOMAX rolls are produced in our own foundry in one of the most modern centrifugal casting lines in Europe. The chemical composition of each cast is individually number. The process of centrifugal casting enables us to maintain full control over the casting procedure and ensures uniformity of the hard layer of the rolls. As a result SPOMAX offers a high quality product which can be used for many years.

Roll machining

After casting, the Rolls are cut to the required length and machined according to the individual requirements of each customer. Roll fluting id done using single point fluting machines and each roll is dynamically balanced. Finished rolls are subject to extensive quality control procedures, in which the measurements are compared with the received order. A certificate containing this comparison is supplied with each roll.

FP SPOMAX is manufacturing rolls for roller mills of its own production as well as for a large amount of devices from other producers. We have technical data necessary to produce 1000 different types of rolls used in the food industry.

Quality control

FP SPOMAX has implemented ISO 9001 quality management system which includes a complete product identification scheme at every stage of the production process. Each roll comes with its own individual serial number which allows us to identify every roll made by SPOMAX. Full records of the roll, including chemical composition, hardness, dimensions, finish, manufacturing date and the name of the customer are kept at SPOMAX for 10 years.

Shipment program

FP SPOMAX supplies rolls for various types of machines. Depending on the individual requirements of the clients we supply:
- fully machined rolls with smooth, corrugated or self-matting working layer and with machined spindles
- semi finished rolls with grinded working layer and with spindles designed for further machining

                                       Fully machined rolls                                                                            Semi finished rolls

Characteristics of the semi finished Rolls with standard spindles (diameter 95 mm, length 500 mm) are shown in the table below.



The self-matting rolls

The self-matting Rolls are used primarily as milling Rolls in the process of grinding of wheat and rye. They replace the so-far used smooth rolls. The self-matting rolls can also substitute fine-corrugated rolls on final passages of flour mills.
Moreover they find application in food industry (manufacturing of spices, condiments, etc.) and feed industry (manufacturing of fodder additives) as well as in chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
The working part of self-matting Rolls is a centrifugally cast iron sleeve with a special chemical composition and a special microstructure and lowered hardness down to ca. 400 HB. Self-matting rolls developed by SPOMAX are manufactured from a special alloy and have a surface which stays rough during the lifetime of the roll. Special features of the working layer allow it to keep the required roughness for a long time.
The application of self-matting Rolls leads to an increase of flour extraction and to improvement of mill profitability. In case of 10 to 12 milling passages, replacing standard rolls with the self-matting rolls an increase of passage flour extraction up to 2-3% and about 3% increase of total mill capacity has been recorded. Alternatively, by using self-matting rolls it is possible to achieve an increase of milling capacity of up to 5-10% while retaining the same extraction (higher load of the milling slot) or reduction of the number of milling passages by one or even two passages.

Other advantages of the self-matting Rolls are: they do not get as hot as standard Rolls, they ensure much better thermal conductivity as compared with standard Rolls, they do not cause the product sticking, their lifetime is longer. Thanks to the application of the self-matting rolls it is possible to obtain a better flour quality as compared with flour production on standard rolls (an increase of bright flour extraction).


Rolls reconditioning

Besides manufacturing new rolls we also offer their reconditioning (fluting, sharpening, matting, grinding and balancing) for profitable prices.
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