Roll Crushers type RUD

Roll Crushers type RUD are used for grinding products of vegetable and mineral origin as well as for gentle crumbling and flaking of products. They are used in agriculture, food, chemical industry, etc.






Advantages and general information

  • wide range of applications
  • high capacity
  • high grinding homogenity
  • easy setting of grinding gap
  • no requirement for lubrication of inter-roll transmission; inter-roll transmission ration corresponds
  • use of Rolls with water cooling system is recommended in case of high load of grinding gap or where there is a risk of overheating (the water cooling rolls are as a standard installed in roll crusher type RUD 10)
  • manufacturer recommends application of impact crusher (RUD 11), during grinding coarse-grained, hard or lumping products
  • roll crushers capacity (depends on products to be ground): 100-2000 kg (average 1000 kg)
  • power supply parameters: 3x400 V, 50 Hz

Products ground on roll crushers type RUD - examples

  • cereals: rye, wheat, barley, oats, rice, maize
  • seeds of leguminous plants/ pulse crops: pea, kidney-bean, broad bean, soybean
  • spices: peppre, white mustard, paprika, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, linseed
  • intermediate products of organic origin: casein, gum, arabic, peanuts, acorns, chestnut, walnuts, hazelnuts, fruit stones
  • stimulant: coffee, tobacco, cacao
  • chemical raw materials: salt, sulphur, chalk, limestone
  • chemical semi-products: pigments, food colouring dye
  • dried food and vegetable: carrots, onions, beets, hawthorn, potatoes.

Configuration of crusher, method of roll fluting, transmission ratios, power, setting and other work parameters depending on application and individual customer's requirements, are selected at the time of manufacture. Selection of those parameters has an influence on capacity and grinding degree.

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Roll Crushers type RUD
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