Universal Pin Mill MI-250

The Universal Pin Mill MI-250 is used for size reduction of food products, chemicals, pharmaceutical and dyestuffs.







The Pin Mill MI-250 has a steel-welded housing. The housing side pinned disc is driven from a motor through a V-belt gear transmission. The door side pinned disc is driven through a V-belt transmission from a separate motor fixed to an adjustable supporting structure on the door. The discs are designed such that the stroking pins can easily be replaced when excessive wear has occurred. Over the housing there is a hopper with a product dosing assembly with a shaker and an inlet chamber with a magnetic separator. The bearing and seal design has been developed and verified over many years of experience, for its reliability.
MI-250 rys
1 - body, 2 - inlet hopper, 3 - shaker and doser, 4 - feed channel with magnetic separator, 5 - gear transmission, 6,7 - V-belt transmission, 8,9 - motor

Operation principle

The feed material coming from dosing assembly is introduced via a permanent magnet into the centre of the mill through the mill door. Size reduction then takes place as the material is projected centrifugally between the rotor system, revolving at high speed. The material is progressively broken down by process of mechanical and particle interaction. The output and fineness of ground product is dependent upon many interacting parameters including rotors' speed and direction, detailed design of the grinding media, the size and consistency of the feed material and the type of product collection system employed.

Technical data

  • output: 70-600 kg/h
  • drive power: housing side: 15 kW; door side 7,5 kW
  • pin rows: housing/ door side: 3/3
  • pin disk speed: housing side 11200 rpm; door side 5600 rpm
  • weight without motors: 410 kg
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