Universal Pin Mill RT-1

Ideal for fine and very fine grinding of low humidity, brittle, non-abrasive products, up to a max. Mohs hardness of 3.

The fineness and the efficiency of the grind depends on characteristics of the materials for milling, and on configuration and speeds of grinding elements.

The standard version of the grinder is equipped with stroke pins, attached concentricaly to the driven disk and to the fixed disk.


On the base of this ill we can make grinding machines of turbo type with screens, especially suitable for fibrous materials or mills with other grinding media, according to the customer requirements. A large hinged door, electrically interlocked, offers easy to the chamber and grinding elements.


Technical data

  • output: 150-600 kg/h
  • motor power: 11 kW
  • rotational speed: 4300 rpm
  • weight: 415 kg




1 - body
2 - inlet system with magnetic separator
3 - worm conveyor
4 - drive unit of the conveyor
5 - outlets
6 - filtration sleeves
7 - motor
8 - control box

Typical range of application of the mill RT-1:

  • materials with crystalline and quasi-crystalline structure: salt, sugar, potassium, carbonate, citric acid, etc.
  • herbs, flavourings and dried vegetables: caraway, pepper, rowan-berry, coriander seeds, marjoram, root crops, etc.
  • cosmetics and pharmaceutic products
  • grain for full-grain flour
  • cacao, coffee-beans, tea
  • other raw materials: arabic gum, casein, dreid blood, etc.


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