Roller Mill FMO-7A

Roller mill FMO-7A is used for grinding and crushing of cereal grain. It is designed to obtain flour and semolina in flour and semolina mills.





Advantages and general information

  • modern body design
  • automatic adaptation for changeable milling conditions on different passages
  • precise and repeatable milling
  • reliable and dependable functioning
  • high safety and occupational hygiene
  • good ergonomics and operating comfort
  • reduced maintenance costs
  • automatic milling process
  • adjusted for computer control
  • inlet feed tube designed to give optimum distribution of stock across the full width of the feed-rolls and therefore the main grinding rolls
  • full length capacitance probe controls the speed of the feed Rolls according to the level of material within the „sight glass" and controls engage/disengage of the main grinding rolls
  • modern operating panel enables reading and setting of selected parameters as well as servicing
  • full height front door easy and quick to open; good access to inside of roller mill allows cleaning of roller mill interior as well as feed and milling rolls
  • simple, easily removable feed-roll „pack"
  • easy access to the milling Rolls facilitates roll changes and reduces replacement time
  • efficient air flow in feed, milling and other working areas ensures dust as well as warm and damp air removal, reducing condensation possibility & limiting mould and insects growth
  • smooth and quiet operation of roller mill; structural rigidity is maintained by bolting the main roll bearing housings directly to the rigid base
  • safety – access to moving parts restricted by lockable covers
  • new belt drive differentia transmission (gear transmission optional)
  • manufactured according to U.E. directives, including ATEX
  • option of remote milling gap regulation



FMO 7A rys duzy

Lenght of rolls (mm) Versiona Dimensions (mm)  Weight (kg)
L L1 L2 Ø250 Ø300
 800 1 1685 805 762 2710 3100
1000 2 1885 1005 862 2950 3400
1250 3 2135 1255 987 3300 3820
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