LIBRA scale

The LIBRA scale is applied for automatic weighing of mass in pouring of loose, farinaceous, powdery and granular materials, including material with difficult flow characteristics and tending to suspend. After setting of required capacity, the scale can be used as flow regulator (i.e. before milling process before 1st break). The scale is applied most often under bins or v=conveying devices which pass weighed product.

The LIBRA scale is specially designed for application in the system of production control in the mill.


Advantages and general information about the system:

  • system is designed for analyzing milling and flow process on the basis of data from scales
  • elements of the system: control of 2-16 scales, milling computer with control panel with touch buttons ¼ VGA, software, technology WEB (for internet communication)
  • possibility to obtain information about final product, among other things: quantity of product, its throughput variations over time, access to current and past events, possibility to analyze mill operation and estimating of effects
  • full control over the milling process thanks to application of most modern technology
  • wide range of the LIBRA scale parameters allows application of the system both in flour mills as well as other process lines with bulk products
  • production control software in the mill is designed for each situation individually, taking into consideration features of process and client requirements

Features of LIBRA scales

  • automatic reset before each cycle
  • adding weighted batches [kg]
  • reset of sum (with password)
  • specifying of current average flow [t/h]
  • stabilizing of settled flow
  • turning off of the scale after the settled sum is obtained
  • setting of scale parameters, communication and calibration
  • communication with the series connection RS-485 with minute Modbus RTU
Type Nominal capacity of weighing [m3/h] Net capacity of weighing container [dm3] Compresses air requirement [m3/h] Max mass (with product) [kg]
LIBRA-24 6 24 1,2 219
LIBRA-80 20 80 5,7 412
LIBRA-120 30 120 5,7 471
LIBRA-200 50 200 5,9 608
LIBRA-300 75 300 5,9 745
LIBRA-500 125 500 8,9 1010
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