Vibratory Discharger WWS

The Vibration Discharger is used for supporting the uniform discharge of loose products like: bran, flour, sugar, cocoa, milk powder, etc. from silos and storage bins.






Operation principle

The vibratory movement of unit causes an even flow and uniform discharge of the product from the silo.


The Vibratory Discharger is built from the following components:

  • hopper with outlet (pos.1) and rubber ring (pos.6) to join with the reception device,
  • adjustable middle unit (pos.3) cone angle: 30° - version 1, 54° - version 2,
  • upper flange (pos.2) designed for connecting with the outlet of the silo,
  • connectors with metal-rubber sleeves (pos.4) joining upper and lower sections. The number of hangers/connectors depends on the size of the vibratory discharger and ranges from 3 to 8 pieces
  • rubber ring (pos.5) sealing the gap between upper and lower sections,
  • vibrator (pos.7) with adjustable weights to increase/decrease the amount of vibration.

For vibratory extractors type WWS-1800 and WWS-2000 two vibrators are used.
The distance between the vibrating bottom (outlet) and reception device should be about 70mm.

The given capacity applies to the discharge of flour from silo.
An outlet with a bigger diameter and the middle unit with angle 54° are recommended for discharging of slow-flowing products.

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