Mixer MPL

The MPL horizontal mixer is designed to mix or/and homogenise loose materials, especially various kinds of flours and flours with additives and improvers, while making them move along the trough to the discharge area.

It can also be used to mix bran and fodder blends in the milling and feedstuff industries, as well as in those branches which need to provide homogenous dry loose products.


The MPL horizontal mixer consists of the following basic elements/subassemblies:

  • trough and of the feeding part with charging openings, the number and size of which are tailored to meet particular needs;
  • trough of the mixing part with an charging opening, discharging area and where appropriate, clean-out covers and a protective cover featuring a sensor, and a protecting grate underneath;
  • transporting and mixing roller with proper end and intermediate bearings;
  • power transmission system (gear-motor, coupling).

Depending on needs the horizontal mixer can be made of ordinary steel and/ or acid resistant steel. When made of ordinary steel the internal surfaces are painted with paint which is authorized for contact with food products.

Charging openings in the mixer's covers can be made either by the customer – adjusted to the technological project or by the manufacturer according to the order.

In standard one output connection is made as shown on the drawing. After arrangements a second one can be made in a variety of settings and shapes.

Operation principle

The mixer operates in a continuous manner. For manufacturing purposes, the product is fed to the trough by gravity through the charging openings located in the feeding part and the mixing part, one where additives are added. With the shaft rotating, powered by the gear-motor, the product is initially mixed by the worm in the feeding zone while being transported to the mixing zone, where additives can be dispensed. Having been mixed, the homogenous product is directed though the discharging area to the outlet.


Capacity 30 t/h (for flour) 
Nominal diameter 315 mm 
Rotational speed of worm/blades ~200 rpm
Length of the mixing part 6 m 
Length of the feeding and mixing parts do ~12 m do ~8 m
Power 11 kW 7,5 kW
Overall dimensions: - length -width -height mm 13400 mm 580 mm 515 mm 9400 mm 580 mm 515 mm
Net weight [kg] ~1,2 t ~0,9 t
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