Scouring Machine MSZ-15

The scouring machine is a modern machine for grain cleaning. It is used in the lines of wheat preparation for milling.

Its purpose is to clean the surface of the grain from dust, sand, hulls, to separate the organic impurities and to reduce the bacterial micro-flora.

In connection with the pneumatic channel the scouring machine can also separate impurities lighter than grain.


Technical data

 Type MSZ-15
 Capacity [t/h] 15
 Power [kW] 18,5
 Net weight [kg] 590
 Gross weight [kg] 760
 Volume [m3] 3

The sound intensity of the device doesn't exceed 80÷85 dB (A).

MS-15 rys.1
Main parts of the scouring machine are:
• body (1) being the supporting construction,
• door (1),
• rotor complete (3) consisting of shaft and attached beaters,
• sieve screen consisting of two parts connected with screws (4),
• driving assembly (5) consisting of motor, belt transmission and drive cover (6),
• product inlet connection „a" (7),
• product outlet connection „b" (8),
• impurities outlet „c" (9).


The grain to be cleansed is fed to the device through the inlet stub "a" (7). The purging process occurs in the working space of the device, i.e. between the rotor and the sieve jacket.
Product is cleansed as a result of:
• grains rubbing against one another,
• grains rubbing against the working elements of the rotor (beater slats),
• grains rubbing against the sieve jacket.

As a consequence of the process, smaller particles of impurities broken up are sifted through the sieve jacket and carried away by the outlet "c" (9), larger particles of impurities (hulls separated) and grain being discharged to a device co-operating with the scouring machine through the outlet "b" (8).

Manufacturer reserves the right for modifications of parameters and device appearance in the course of its improvement.

Scouring Machine MSZ-15
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