Double Deck Dry Destoner SOK

Double Deck Dry Destoner SOK is a modern grain cleaning machine. The features include high performance, small overall dimensions and low power and air consumption.

Due to two sieve decks, the machine is able to separate grain into two fractions: heavy and light, with simultaneous separation of higher density material such as Stones, pieces of metal and glass from corn or other grain products.
The Double Deck Destoner is used mainly in grain cleaning in the wheat milling process. On the top sieve deck, with air stream suitably regulated, very light fractions (chaff, dust etc) can be removed by aspiration (2-3%) that cannot be used for milling or sort the grain into light and heavy fractions (in proportions 30-70%) using separate light fraction cleaning line on engineering diagram.




 Capacity for wheat 

 Air demand 
 Installed power
SOK-15K 15 130  max 1200   2x0,68 673
SOK-20K 20 150  max 1200  2x0,68 797


Basic assemblies of the Double Deck Dry Destoner include:

  • body (1) with installed sifting frames – upper one (10) and lower one (11); frames are protected with bars (12, 13) blocked with elements (14, 15); frame dimensions: width = 1245 mm, length = 1100mm; body elements also include:
  • product outlet:
  • light fraction (16),
  • heavy fraction (17),
  • stone outlet (18),
  • cover (2) with sight glasses to observe sieve operation,
  • product inlet (6) with flap valve regulated by return spring,
  • supporting frame (3) with shock absorbers,
  • drive assembly (9) inducing vibratory movement of the device,
  • supporting structure (4) with installed:
  • product inlet pipe (5),
  • air outlet (7) with regulated flap by means of regulating assembly (8),
  • manometer,
  • outlet channel 20),
  • stone container (19).

Manufacturer reserves the right for modifications of parameters and device appearance in the course of its improvement.

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