Airlock SLU

Airlocks type SLU are applied in:
• suction and pressure pneumatic conveying systems in order to take up product outside the system and simultaneously cut off the air flow.

Airlocks are usually installed behind dedusting equipment in the aspiration system, or after devices which separate the product from air in pneumatic conveying system.
• gravitational conveying system as a batching device.


Operation principle

Product is directed to inlet of the airlock and as a result of rotor's revolutions it is evenly fed to the outlet, simultaneously cutting off the air flow from the pneumatic conveying systems.




Basic elements of airlock are:
• cast iron body with rectangular inlet and outlet openings,
• cast iron rotor installed inside the body,
• side covers with pressure bearings,
• sealing rings and bearing covers.

For independent drive the shaft with diameter ø 25 mm (key width 8 mm) is applied.



Airlocks are manufactured in two versions:
• independent (moto-reducer) marked with M (power in table)
• group (2-8 pcs) driven via shaft(s), moto-reducer and clutches (installed power max 1,5 kW depending on airlock number).

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