Pneumatic Shutter Type ZPP-3

Pneumatic shutter type ZPP-3 is designed for cutting off the flow of lose product (grain of cereals,
dried vegetables, pellets) in food, feed, chemical industry and others.

Technical data


  • compressed air pressure - 0,6 MPa
  • Electric power - 24 V DC


The Shutter gate (pos. 2) together with rolls (pos. 4) that is moving on is mounted on a rigid frame
(pos. 1). There are holes under the shutter gate where discharging hopper (connecting pipe) can be mounted.

Reciprocating movement of shutter gate is made by servomotor pos. 7 and electro-pneumatic unit pos. 8 (manufactured by company FESTO).

The Servomotor is mounted in the back part of the supporting frame, and the electro-pneumatic unit together with the junction box (pos. 9) are mounted on supports (pos. 6) located on both sides of the servomotor. The area of pistons movements is covered on both sides by covers (pos. 5).


The servomotor opens and closes the shutter by means of compressed air. Electro-pneumatic unit controls work of the servomotor, this limits the extreme positions of the shutter gate which are signalled by magnetic sensors.

Shutter can be controlled from central control panel or by on/off switch mounted on the shutter. The speed of the opening and shutting of the shutter gate can be regulated by means of a valve mounted on the servomotor.

Additional equipment

Because of the variety of devices working together, the shutter can be provided with output connection of different shapes and sizes.

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