Reverse Jet Filter

Reverse Jet Filters are used for removing the dust from air in general exhaust applications as well as in pneumatic conveying systems. They can work as independent machines or in group systems.

Bag filters are applied in systems with following working pressure:
• with negative pressure up to 0,5 bar (0,05 MPa)
• with positive pressure up to 0,05 MPa



For special applications the filter can be manufactured to clients requirements. Individual housing segments are manufactured with high precision allowing different fixing positions; as a result it is possible to achieve various inlet- and outlet positions as well as explosion vent locations. Filtering cloth and manufacturing of sleeves assure electrostatic safety.

Technical data

Working negative pressure do 0,5 bar (0,05 MPa)
Working positive pressure do 0,05 bar (0,005 MPa)
Reverse jet filter resistance 0,01-0,018 bar (0,001-0,0018 MPa)
Sleeve resistance 0,005-0,01 bar (0,0005-0,001 MPa)
Allowed dust concentration in supplied air 300 g/m3
Unit load of filtering cloth (according to design depending on product, fineness, ect.) 1-8m3/min/m2
Compressed air pressure 6+1 bar (0,6+0,1 MPa)
Dust removing efficiency 99,8%
Duration between impulses 10-600 s
Valve opening time 0,1-2 s


Operation principle

The dusty air travels to reverse jet filter via inlet opening which is located tangentially (version A,B,C). As a result of centrifugal force there occurs pre-clearing of air by precipitating of larger particles, which fall down to the cone outlet opening. The air passes through filtering sleeves, the cleaned air is directed to the outlet and then outside the filter. Fine dust particles accumulate on external surface of the filtering sleeves. From time to time the filtering sleeves are regenerated (cleaned) as a group or individually by means of a sharp pulse of cleaning air flowing from cleaning injectors, after the electro-valve is opened. The thrown off dust particles fall down to the outlet of hopper (version A) or round discharger (version B) and is discharged through the airlock. In versions C, D, E the dust particles are discharged directly to the bin aspirated by reverse jet filter.

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