Blowers type ROOTS

dmuchawa topRoots type blowers are positive displacement machines (low pressure and high flow). They can work in compression process (as a blower) or sucking process (as a vacuum pump).
Blowers are intended for continuous generation of overpressure or vacuum of air and indifferent gases. They are used whenever the carrier of transported material must be free from oil impurities.

We produce blowers also in a compact version.





Production program
FP SPOMAX S.A. supplies compression units as well as complete blower packages. We offer 30 sizes of blowers with output from 20 to 15000 m3/h and compression up to 1200 mbar and a variety of versions and finishes. The basic element of a blower is the compression unit. This is a high precision positive displacement pump with two interlocking rotors (pistons) inside. A gear synchronizes pistons movement, the gas is forced through six times. During operation a minute and constant gap is maintained between the two rotors and between the rotors and the machine body. Thanks to this the machine works without lubrication of working parts and it is possible to obtain absolute purity of forced gas.

Examples of blowers' applications:

  • aeration of active sludge chambers in sewage treatment plants
  • „Mammoth" type pumps
  • sand trap/ de-sander aeration
  • fish ponds aeration
  • water treatment devices (rapid filter)
  • air supply to metallurgical furnaces and lime burning
  • aeration of loose materials and fluid beds
  • low-pressure pneumatic conveying (pressure and suction) of loose materials (flour, cement, lime, plastic pellets, ash, etc.)
  • central de-dusting systems
  • vacuum systems sets in paper-making machines
  • suction-pressure systems of inert gases (in case of special versions also hazardous gase)


DR Tabela

Additional equipment

  • acoustic hood – reduces the noise by 16 (+/-2) dBA, on request by ~25 dBA
  • inverter – allows to regulate the blower output through fluent change of motor resolutions
  • multiple-speed motor – allows to regulate the blower output through stepwise change of motor rotational speed
  • suction unloader – an additional element relieving electric net during starting of blower
  • resonance silencer – eliminate the phenomenon of resonant in a compressed air system


We also supply blowers packages, which can work in applications where there is a danger of an explosion.

We are manufacturer of Roots type blowers and we fully make them on our production plant.
The above-mentioned blowers were in the past produced by our company under the name SPOMASZ OSTRÓW WIELKOPOLSKI and sold under the brand name SPOMASZ ROOTS.