Each of FP SPOMAX installations involve many years of experience, the highest world-quality standards as well as consistent and well-thought design, which best respond to complete client expectations. Our work is commensurate with our experience acquired during a number of installations all over the world. All this assures the customer that installation and start-up will be carried out according to adopted schedule without interference or interruption. To achieve those things we employee the best engineers whose experience gives our customer a full satisfaction.

FP SPOMAX supplies machines and equipment for cleaning section, the mill proper, mixing/blending and packing section. The company offers full turn-key project, starting with client consultation, planning and design through delivery, erection and commissioning to personnel training and follow-up service. FP SPOMAX turn key projects comprise of the erection of new plants, modernization of existing sites as well as erection of specialized installations.

We realise that proper control of manufacturing process and their automation are the key to success in a modern mill. The technology supplied by our company allows easy and elastic control of the mill with simultaneous production of high quality flour to match market demands. Equipment designed by FP SPOMAX meets health and safety protection standards. Thanks to high capacity and reliability of our machines, as well as innovative designs of our engineers, we deliver installations that guarantee high quality products and general performance.

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A significant group of products manufactured in our factory are high quality rolls and roots type blowers.

If you don't find a machine which you are looking for, please contact us – for sure we will be able to offer you one of our devices which will meet your expectations.