In April the DR 1300T Roots blower was delivered and launched for customer. It is next one device of this type provided by FP Spomax S.A. The 3500 kilograms weight DR 1300T blower is a device which is one of the largest in the wide range of Roots blowers offered by FP Spomax S.A. Maximum blower capacity reaches more than 10 000 m3 / h, blower drive depending on the expected operating parameters are motors with a power range of 45kW-400kW. ✉️ Contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our booth as well as the lecture about our machines enjoyed a large interest among the trade fairs participants. During those few days a lot of time was dedicated for presentation of a very modern SIKER Mill (Bicske, Hungary) completely modernized by FP SPOAMX SA in 2011. We invite you to see a movie presenting modern solutions used by FP SPOMAX.


In November and December 2013 employees of FP SPOMAX took part in a series of training courses under the name "CHANGES AHEAD". The training was carried out by company BETTERFIELD from Poznań. The subject of the training concerned management of changes in a manufacturing company. The participants commitment and ingenuity in solving problems gave to them, showed the necessity of such ventures among our company's employees.
Within the training very popular were the "LEAN MANUFACTURING" working shops, which made the participants aware how much can someone achieve by using modern methods of production organization.