SPOMASZ the Cast Iron Foundry Sp. z o.o. is the only one in Poland and most significant producer in the world of two layer rolls for milling industry manufactured according to new technogies.



The Foundry's current production program includes:

    • centrifugal castings of milling rolls and for other devices responsible for breaking up with the diameter 160 - 600 mm
    • centrifugal castings of rolls and rolls for tube calibration for metallurgy
    • centrifugal castings of rolls and rolls for shape mills for metallurgy
    • centrifugal castings for locomotive's motor brush
    • centrifugal castings of cylinders for forging hammers
    • centrifugal castings form alloy cast iron and spheroidal graphite iron
    • machinery-castings from grey cast iron
    • odlewy maszynowe z żeliwa sferoidalnego
    • we provide service within:
    • - stress relief annealing of large castings and constructions
      - modelling service
        - cleaning, shot blasting of castings and constructions
  • We cooperate within production of bushes for combustion engines
  • We provide rolls for tube calibration and reduction grates for Polish metallurgy and export

We provide an optimal casting quality

All castings send to the receiver have quality certificate. Care about quality and staying a reliable supplier is our main goal. We provide comprehensive testing of casting materials and finished products:

  1. iron's chemical composition analysis with emission spectrometer
  2. casting process control
  3. examination of castings quality:
    - chemical composition
    - strength and hardness
    - measurements and castings surface
    - examination of the castings microstructure

Bush cast in gravity die

Sorts of cast iron: ZI200, ZI250, special cast iron according to ZN, alloy cast iron according to agreement

Bush dimensions:

  • Diameter D: 140 – 620 mm
  • Length L: 1600 – 2250 -1300 mm

We also centrifugally cast neck bush

The foundry specializes in casting of double layer bushes.

The casts are formed in sand moulds in accordance with delivered documents and samples.

Cast Iron sort:

  • ZI200, ZI250 (DIN 1691 - GG 20, GG 25) cast weight till 500 kg
  • spheroidal Zs50007 (DIN 1693 - GGG 50) cast weight till 100 kg
  • alloy cast iron according to agreement


  • machine moulding (box 500x600x260/265)
  • hand moulding – middle size castings

The pattern shop prepares pattern units and cast instrumentation for casting production for companies' own as well as customer's needs

Heat treatment:
Annealing normalization, stress relief annealing, soft annealing

Casting precision:

PN-72/H-83104 ISO 8062 DIN 1686
hand moulding
-IV kl. CT10-CT12 GTB 17
machine moulding -III kl. CT8-CT11 GTB 16




Spomasz-Odlewnia Żeliwa Sp. z o.o.
  Kaliska street 61-63
63-400 Ostrów Wielkopolski
ISO 9001:2008
NIP PL 622-22-80-196, REGON 250917101
Bank Handlowy S.A. nr konta 72 1030 1146 0000 0000 0303 2000
Share Capital 2.710.000zl; Sad Rejonowy Poznan IX Wydz. KRS 0000020136
tel. +48 (62) 735 54 57 fax. +48 (62) 735 54 52
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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