panorama - spomax

In 1882 Ernst Arnold began the erection of „Production Plant for Machines for Agriculture". The company manufactured machines for corn growing and threshing, as well as machines for agriculture.

The owners intension was a constant development and modernization of the company. In 1905 the Cast Iron Foundry was established and in the next few years the number of employees grew to 150 people.

The 30's of XX century are an intensive development of milling machines production. The company with a new name "Milling Machines Factory" manufactured almost a full range of machines for the Flour Milling Industry, the offer included also assembly and service.

After the World War II a new important stage in the company's history began, which brought about its further development. The company has been modernized and started to use new technologies.

During the following years the subsequent generation of highly motivated and dedicated workers have earned the company's' world-wide reputation. Constant innovations and creativity enabled to create individual solutions according to the needs of our customer. The research department has always been considered as an indispensable factor of the company's success. For the whole time we were developing our production and acquiring experience to become specialists in the Milling Industry.

FP SPOMAX S.A. is a middle-sized enterprise with a well-established position on the market. The company supports customers with making decisions form the planning and design phase through and until realization of the investment. Based on 130 years of experience we offer reliable products of the highest quality adapted to customer needs, that ensure fast and safe return of the incurred financial costs. All customers get a professional and fast service so they know that their decision for investment was correct.

The company changes name into FP SPOMAX S.A.

We win our strategic shareholder: FP Engineering Ltd.

Beginning of privatisation changes.

Buying the technology and machines for two layer roll casting.

Introducing computer technology.

Changing the companies name into Production Plant of Machines for Agriculture Foundry.

Building of the cast iron foundry and production hall with the area of 6560sqm.

Factory modernization, five-time growth of the production.

Establishing of the Cast Iron Foundry.

Ernst Arnold gives the beginning of the „Production Plant of Machines for Agriculture Foundry".