About us


FP SPOMAX S.A. is a manufacturer of machines, equipment and production systems for the milling and fodder industry. The offered range of products comprises of equipment for gases compression and transportation of loose materials. FP SPOMAX S.A. is also successful in production and sales of centrifugally cast iron rolls.

We base our actions on experience – we are the second biggest company in the milling industry and the oldest one in Poland of this kind. We connect advanced technologies with tradition.

FP SPOMAX is a stable company which constantly invests in high quality. Considering the customer's requirement the research department constantly modernizes existing machines and creates new one.

The company is equipped with modern machines and production equipment made by companies recognized worldwide. We are fully prepared for the customers and markets requirements.

During over 130 years we have worked out rational and optimal production costs which helped to gain high quality and offer reasonable prices. We as well as our customer's gained success thanks to advanced technological solutions . Because we employee the best, we are able to carry out each order with high precision.

Before making decision of introducing machines for production, their prototypes are tested in extreme conditions for many hours. We pay attention on the machines efficiency and strength. We own a testing station and laboratory where we check machines before sending them to the customer. All this guarantees highest quality standards and a long lasting, with no breakdowns use.

We are proud to share our success with Investors worldwide.


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The company changes name into FP SPOMAX S.A.
We win our strategic shareholder: FP Engineering Ltd.
Beginning of privatisation changes.
Buying the technology and machines for two layer roll casting.
Introducing computer technology.
Changing the companies name into Production Plant of Machines for Agriculture Foundry.
1967 - 1975
Building of the cast iron foundry and production hall with the area of 6560sqm.
1950 - 1959
Factory modernization, five-time growth of the production.
Establishing of the Cast Iron Foundry.
Ernst Arnold gives the beginning of the „Production Plant of Machines for Agriculture Foundry".